Friday, April 29, 2016

How to automate your Facebook posts

Why would you want to automate your Facebook posts?

Well the answer is simple, you want to spend less time and do more, and this is when automation tools come in.
But there are several ways of automating your work with Facebook and keeping your feed alive.
First and the most common way is creating your work upfront and schedule your posts to be published based on your schedule.

But what if you want to do more? What if you run a business where you have products you would like your followers to get notified about when something new is added to your website?
Well there are some tools, like Wordpress that let you publish your content to Facebook. But what if you have your own website, your online web shop and it does not have such functionality?

How to generate Facebook posts automatically based on your content?

This was one of the reasons why was created. With you can also do a standard posts scheduling, you can link multiple Facebook feeds, you can post to your wall, or to one of the pages you manage. can delivery your content to your Facebook feed logo
But beside all the standard functionality with you can also teach the system about your web site content, tell it how your product page looks like, where is the title, price, description and product image. Then you simply tell where you want those posts to be published and which schedule to use.

Tell what is what on your product page

You can prepend and append title, description, price, and link to make generated posts really user friendly.

You can also preview posts to get the idea how they would look like when published to your Facebook feed

You can check your scheduled posts in the calendar
In the background will crawl your website, find all matching pages representing your products, generate Facebook posts for you. But it will not post anything until you approve it.
So once your web site is crawled you can log into the system and review automatically generated posts, if you like them you can simply approve all or one by one.
If you need to touch them up, you can convert them into manual posts and apply all the changes you want.
With you can save lots of time so you can focus on your primary business or spend time with your family and friends enjoying your life.

Is automatically generated content good?

Yes and no. If this is the only content you have - that would not be our recommendation. But if this is something you would enhance you feed with and something that would keep you social channels alive it is definitely better than no content at all.


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